How to Style Long Hair for Men ? (2022 Guide)

Wondering How to Style Long Hair for Men? Since so many men are unhappy with their hairstyle right now, it’s important that you learn how to do so properly. It seems as though only recently that short haircuts were relegated exclusively to the realm of niche cultural circles.

But times have definitely changed, and men’s hairstyles too. If you’re tired of your current style and want to change it up a bit, here are some tips on how to do so:

First, How to Style Long Hair for Men always remember to use a suitable shampoo for the type of hair you have. It would be wise to get a shampoo specifically designed for long hair or short hair.

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The type of shampoo you use will have a lot to do with the way how your hair grows, but even if you have naturally long hair, using a shampoo specifically made for that sort of hair is still beneficial.

10 Best Long Hairstyles For Men (2022 Guide)

Second, keep your styling time in mind. Some guys who are going for a really high fade may find that doing this can take twice as much time than they initially anticipated.

In general, a good rule of thumb is that you should work on keeping hair longer no more than four inches away from your head. That way you can achieve the look of a proper bob cut without going overboard with the hair.

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Third, use a high protein natural hair cream for your long hair. This means using ones that have a smooth finish without being too greasy. One example of such a hair cream is one made by Burt Emmett. His line of products is called Fruity Orange and offers a matte, low maintenance finish.

There are also other products from this brand that are considered a medium high fade; these tend to be a bit richer than other products in the same family and work better for some people than the previous type of product.

Fourth, avoid using any kind of shampoo or conditioner that contains oils. These products tend to coat your scalp and make your hair look greasy and unkempt. Instead, use a shampoo or conditioner that has natural oils.

Top Mens Hairstyles For 2022

For instance, one made by Clarisonic is designed not to leave your scalp feeling heavy or oily. These types of shampoos will also improve the look of frizzy, unruly hair that some people are afraid of eliminating.

Fifth, use a textured shampoo when you don’t want your hair looking washed out and weighed down. A textured shampoo will help add body to your hair and give it some definition.

How to Style Long Hair for Men ?

They work especially well on those who have naturally curly or wavy hair and can make them look ten times more put together than they actually are. There’s nothing quite like curly-haired, textured hair that can be styled any way you want it to look.

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