Best Short Hair Starter Locs Styles in 2022

Short Hair Starter Locs Styles, if you have short hair, starting a loc weave is an excellent option. This simple style can be done in less than an hour, requires very minimal maintenance, and is perfect for men with little time to style their locks. To make this look even more stylish, wrap the edges with a silk scarf for about fifteen minutes to ensure the coils are evenly twisted. You can also use a comb to create the two-strand twist style.

Short Hair Starter Locs Styles Ideas in 2022

Short Hair Starter Locs Styles, another way to wear starter locs is in plaits or braids. A rattail or a coil twist comb is used to create these styles.

This technique requires little maintenance and is perfect for beginners with thin or coarse hair. While a comb loc can be tricky to apply, it is the easiest starter style for beginners. If you want a protective style, you can try one of the many other options, such as sponge locs.

Different Styles for Starting Locs

While you can choose between two strand twists, palm rolls, and dread braids, it is recommended to wait for your hair to grow out an inch or two before attempting these styles. Although they look great, most starter locs will unravel quickly when they are under an inch long.

To minimize unraveling, you can apply dread wax before beginning a new style. You can even style your starter locs with a comb to prevent them from wilting and tangling.

20 Short Hair Starter Locs Styles Ideas

Best Short Hair Starter Locs Styles Ideas

A sponge is an excellent choice for those with kinky hair. It is also easy to remove. Once the loops have formed, you can simply rinse the braid with water and repeat.

Choosing a style that fits your unique texture is an important decision, and you should always consult a professional stylist to avoid any issues. You should be able to achieve a beautiful loc without having to spend an arm and a leg!

A palm roll is an excellent style for people with short natural hair. This style involves rolling sections between your palms. When your hair is short, you should make sure the sections are uniform, otherwise your locs may not be very noticeable.

By using a palm roll, you will not have to worry about the length of your locs, as it will grow quickly. A simple, yet effective way to start your locs is by using a rat tail comb. This method is a great way to prevent your hair from tangling and is also great for maintaining your locs.

best Short Hair Starter Locs Styles

The best starter locs will last three to six months. Depending on your hair type and texture, a loc style can last from three to six months. It is also essential to wash the hair after every wash.

The longer the locs are, the more time they will take to mature. A typical starter loc can be installed in a few hours at a salon. A long-haired person with thick, textured hair can opt for a dreadlock.

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